Posted by: gruvenreuven | November 25, 2007


Gruven Reuven

Hi, I’m Gruven Reuven

Currently I’m living in the fringes of Galus, or so it seems. (Actually it’s Downingtown PA). I’m a 45 yr old father of 2 boys aged 9 & 2. By day I’m an Applications Development manager for a large website. (hint: TV shopping channel based in West Chester PA).

In my free time I enjoy studying Torah, Talmud & Tanya daily. I also study the Rambam daily as well. A side from my kids and my studies, I enjoy gadgets. Basically I’m a geek.

Before becoming a Chabadnik 7 years ago, I followed the Grateful Dead for the better part of  18 years. Traded my Ponytail for payoes, and my tye-dye T-shirts for a Black Fedora hat.

Well… aside from my other blogs which are more subject centric, I’d like this Blog to be about me. Lets see how that goes….


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