Posted by: gruvenreuven | January 8, 2008

More Media Mentions: JCCenters / JewishWeek Interview

I am NOT a Rabbi!! Regardless, You can read the article HERE

This is a story that just came out on the JCCenter’s website. I’m a little upset with the title of the article.. I DO NOT pass myself off as a Rabbi on Secondlife, matter of fact I go out of my way to claim that I’m not at the start of each of the Study Sessions that I host on Second life. Also… Not to wild about the line ” Schneerson, who was seen as the messiah by many supporters”, as I’m NOT one of “those supports”.

Oh, and the line about wearing shoes at the Ohel in the Winter…. I don’t wear my “street shoes”, I change into my Yom-Kippur canvas sneakers. And my partents gave me a vitrual k’nock on the head when they read the bit about them being from Germany. My grandparents are from Germany. My my was born here and my Dad in Israel. Sheesh! The press never gets it right…. Even when they are your friend!

No… Kudos to Julian, I REALLY appreciate the article!! THANKS!!

Anyway… the above article is what happens when the friend you just met from Secondlife turns out to be a Freelance journalist!

So on top of that, Tamar Snyder from JewishWeek interviewed me today for my Thoughts on the Opening of the Israel SIM on SecondLife. The SIM was created by my friend Beth “Odets” Brown and is fantastic. When Tamar’s article is out, I’ll post a link to it here. It was an honor to be interviewed by a Journalist that I’m familiar with. I’ve read Tamar’s work in the Jewish Press. A publication that I read every Shabbos.

Anyway… Forget the Jerusalem Post, BBC & NPR…. If I can only get interviewed by Mendy Pellin of “ChabadTube” that would REALLY be something!!! (not kidding…)


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