Posted by: gruvenreuven | March 26, 2008

Amish Purim Paradise

I was in our Health Club a few weeks ago, and while sitting in the Sauna having a schvitz some small talk ensued with a guy a see around often. Being a Frum Jew and living near Lancaster PA, I often get confused for someone I’m not. Just this time the conversation was a bit more persistent than normal.

Mike: so, you must live out by the Amish (i.e. Lancaster PA)
Me: I’m not Amish, I live in Downingtown
Mike: Oh, do you have a farm there?
Me: No I live in a townhouse by Marsh Creek Park, I’m not Amish
Mike: I was thinking of getting a Shed and taking a ride out to the Amish to pick one up, do you know of any……..
Me: Seriously, I’m not Amish

So with Purim coming up  at the time, I needed a less then elaborate costume which still held to my Level to Tznuis (modesty).  I thought about the conversation I had with Mike, and thought, how far of a stretch would I need to make. A Hat? Suspenders?  So I drove out to Lancaster (about 30 minutes away), “Traded in” my $200 Borsalino black Fedora for a $20 hat that I bought off a road side Amish farm/Kisok.

So for Purim last week, I dressed up as…..


 As the Lyrics go in the Donna and the Buffalo song Family Picture:   “Sure as the sunrise it doesn’t matter the shape of the hat
  It all fits together in a family picture and every wall’s got room for that”



  1. I have family in Manheim township, Lancaster. I am fascinated by the horse and buggies and beautiful farms in the area.

    I like your beard.

    And your pretty flamingo photos.

    I don’t know much about Judaism. I guess I could learn a lot about it here.

  2. How tall are you? Looks like at least 6’4″.

  3. The beard is real.. I’m only 6’0″. I may look taller as the picture was taken by my 9yr old 🙂

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