Posted by: gruvenreuven | May 30, 2008

Shabbos in Lower Merion

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We will be spending this Shabbos (Barmidbar) at the Chabad of the Mainline in Lower Merion. Athought I attend this shul regularly during the week, It is a real treat for me to spend a Shabbos there. Our goal, mertz Hashem, is to move to this community by Rosh Hashana 5769.


The Chabad of the Mainline (Rabbi Shraga Sherman) now occupies the Historic General Wayne Inn. The General Wayne Inn building was built on land purchased by William Penn. Originally called The Wayside Inn, this building has been continuously used since 1704, when a Quaker, Robert Jones, went into the Inn/restaurant business, with the idea to serve travelers going to and from Philadelphia and Radner, on the old Lancaster road way. The Wayside Inn became The General Wayne Inn in 1793, when it was renamed after a local Revolutionary hero. Because of its location, near Merion Station, many Revolutionary War battles were fought around the area of the Inn. Thus, this Inn has the distinction of playing host to American Patriots, such as General George Washington and Marquis de la Fayette, and to the British Redcoats and their hired, Hessian soldiers as well.


This building is reported to be one of the most “Haunted” in Pennsylvaina, however in the 2 years I have been attending shul there I have heard no reports of such. Who knows maybe it’s all the positive energy we generate while davening. That or all the stories were just local folklore. Still the quesiton remains, if we encounter a Jewish Ghost, can we count him towards the minyan? (Joking)

Mainline Chabad



  1. Fancy coming across this as I’m researching the general area for an appointment I have tonight 🙂

    Sounds like you are quite the history buff!

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