Posted by: gruvenreuven | June 8, 2008

Twitter rocks!

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TwitterWow, twitter rocks!

Lets see… I met my real estate agent via Twitter, who turns out to be phenomenal. Real good people. Seriously, I think she can make our dreams happen. But not only that, today I saw that she had posted a tweet about heading out to Lower Merion to show some houses to a twitter friend. Ooops.. Did I miss an appointment? So I ask my wife to log on and check her email (something that she doesn’t do as regularly as me), as YES our realtor made an appointment to show us some houses. Whew! Appointment saved! Thanks twitter.

Not only that, at the same time I had saw a tweet from a friend of mine who had *just* landed in Israel a few hours before the start of holiday of Shavuot. Only problem, she didn’t hook up with the host family she was going to be staying with. With 2 hours before the country was shutting down for the holiday, she sent out a “tweet” of he situation. I Direct Messaged her back saying I could call my niece who could probably make it to you in time. She “tweeted” back that another twitter buddy in Israel was picking her up. The POWER of social networking / micro blogging at it’s finest. Thanks Twitter!

Oh yeah… utterz rocks too 😉

Chag Sameach! Happy Shavuot!!


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