Posted by: gruvenreuven | June 12, 2008

Ha’Yom Yom

After davening this morning I came upon this thought of the day that the Rebbe compiled in his daily work the Ha’Yom Yom (Day by Day). It really struck a chord with me, so I thought I should share. (Plus provide a link so you can access furture Ha’Yom Yom entries)

Ha’Yom Yom 9-Sivan

The world is in need of a purified atmosphere. Purified air comes only through words of Torah. Words of Torah offer protection in general and for each individual in particular. The division of the Six Orders of Mishna for memorization is intended for “when you walk on the road.” The Mishna or two recited from memory wherever one may be, in whatever sort of place he may be, will illuminate the bond between Israel and G-d. The letters MiSHNaH are the same as NeSHaMaH (soul). It is extremely difficult to find the words to express the tremendous benefit, with G-d’s help, in the general and individual protection that constant repetition of Mishna will bring. And there are no words to describe the tremendous gratification one thereby gives the Creator, may He be blessed.

For more thoughts of the day visit Ha’Yom Yom


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