Posted by: gruvenreuven | June 15, 2008

Ronnie Bat Ami

Ronnie bat AmiOn Shavuot my nephew and his wife who currently live in Bat Ayin Israel, welcomed their daughter into this world. (Their second child)

Under Jewish traditions Girls are named usually within the first month of the girl’s birth in a ceremony known as a Simcat Bat (Ashkenazi) it is also known as Zeved Habat (Sephardic).

Well, my great niece had her naming this past shabbat in Bat Ayin Israel, and was named Ronni Bat Ami. In Hebrew Ronni is spelled Resh, Nun, Yud, and was the first word in the Haftorah this past Shabbat (Parsha Beha’aloscha).

The second name, Bat Ami means “Daughter of my people”. In honor of my great Niece being born on Shavuot, if you take all the Hebrew letters in Ronni Bat Ami, you can find the Hebrew names Rus (Ruth in English) Resh, Vav, Taf , and Naomi (Nun, Ayin, Mem, yud). This is notable as on erev-Shavuot it is customary to read the Megillah Rus (book of Ruth), which details the story of Ruth & Naomi.

I was quite impressed with my nephew’s creativity in coming up with the name, and the beauty of the name’s meaning. Daughter of My People. His first born (son) is named Sar Shalom, which is translated as Prince of Peace and the nickname of the First Belzer Rebbe, Shalom Rokeach of Belz (1779 – 1855)

Shalom Ronnie bat Ami!



  1. mazal tov, Pesach and Bina and mishpacha!
    From Adina Rut. thanks again for contributing to what has been etched in my memory as my BEST shabbat in Eretz Israel, so far. and that, after living her more than a year.

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