Posted by: gruvenreuven | July 21, 2008

17th of Tammuz

The 17th of Tammuz marks one of the saddest days in Jewish History. It is a Fast Day in which we lament the start of the destruction of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem. (As well as other Biblical tragedies). Jewish thought is that Hashem allowed the destruction of the Temple to happen because of baseless hatred amongst the Jewish people. We just weren’t showing each other the Love. (Ahavas Yisrael)

As you may know, my family & I are trying to buy a house in Lower Merion, a religious community just outside of Philadelphia. We had made an offer on a house, but just lost the house last week when the seller refused to fix any of the major issues found during the home inspection. The Radon gas, the bathroom leak that started to rot away at the flooring, the rotted windows. Nothing. Not even a credit to fix any of the issues. Most disturbing to me was the seller and their agent was Jewish (Albeit non-observant. The house didn’t have ANY Mezzuzot) and used our observance to their financial advantage. The seller’s agent repeatedly called our agent to remind us that the house is only a mile from our Shul and that the Holidays are quickly approaching, urging us to just accept the offer. Sunday morning as I drove to Shul I saw that the seller had ditched their previous agent and was now listing the house under a different agent. I then realized that our “well just fix the radon and credit the work on the bathroom” bid was rejected.

During the Selichot prayers, a time to lament the tragedies of the 17th of Tammuz and ask Hashem for forgiveness, I started to shed real tears. These tears were not for the house we lost. I was over that a week ago when the seller’s agent repeatedly told my agent that the seller was willing to fix nothing. No my tears were for the realization of how far away we are from the coming of Moshiach and the third holy temple. If three sets of Jews could not broker such an obvious win/win situation (the house was on the market for more then a year) then we as a people are miles away from showing the Ahavas Yisrael required to being Moshiach.

No, there isn’t a party at fault here. We are all equally and sadly at fault. I just have to wish both the Seller and the Seller’s agent a life filled with Blessings, Simchas & Nachas.

We Want Moshiach Now, We don’t want to wait!


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