Posted by: gruvenreuven | August 21, 2008

Lower Merion Here We Come

Third times a charm!

OK, so I’ve been sitting on this news for a bit. I guess you really can’t blame me, what with two past let downs, but it’s pretty much “official” now… We have found a house in Lower Merion PA! Right now it looks like we are expecting to close the day after Simchas Torah! Just in time to spend Shabbos Bereishis in our new house. Talk about a new beginning!

The house is 1.3 miles from our Shul (Chabad of the Mainline) and is within the Lower Merion Eruv.

Today we have received word that we got our mortgage commitment! (Hooray for being in Debt!)

Our Home Inspection a couple weekly ago went beautifully, no major issues found. The report reads more like a “honey-do” list of Rainy Day weekend projects, then a “here’s what you need to be concerned about” report.

[Click the video play Button for a Tour of our House to be]

Not Just a Physical Move, A Spiritual Move as Well

The physical move aside, this move represents a big spiritual move for my family. Moving to what Jewish Living magazine listed as the third most desirable Jewish Community in North America makes it easier for us to lead an observant lifestyle. Lower Merion has No fewer then 4 Orthodox shuls within walking distance of our new house. This will make Davening a lot easier. No longer will I need to Daven from home on Shabbos and Holidays.

Not only synagogues, Lower Merion support a Mikvah, Jewish day schools, 3 kosher restaurants and 2 Kosher Markets! No longer will we have to drive a good 50minutes for a bite to eat or a “food run”.


But the most fantastic aspect of this move, and the underlying core reason for the move is the Orthodox conversion of both our adopted sons. Although both my wife and I are Jewish and each had 4 Jewish Grandparents, Halacha (Jewish Law) still requires our adopted children to go through a formal conversion process. As an adult, living in the fringes of Galut and keeping in accordance with Halacha, is challenging enough. For Children it is near impossible. By moving to Lower Merion, my kids can now get a Jewish day school education, as well as make it easier for them to live with a Jewish framework.

Naturally, I will be blogging about the conversion process as things progress. Our first step is to move, but in the meantime we are in the process of getting things started with the Philadelphia Beis Din.



  1. This was marvelous. Now I feel like I’ll be able to see the Gruven_Reuven family at home chillin! I might have to check out that spare Shabbos bedroom sometime 😀

    But please, please, please get rid of the wood paneling! OY! Flashbacks!

    And I didn’t know your sons were adopted, but wow. I admire you and the Mrs. Such good people you are (for this and other reasons, of course).

    I’m so excited for you and your family’s new beginnings 🙂

  2. Mazel tov! Great news, wishing you and the whole family lots of happiness and health through the whole process.

  3. mazal tov! i cannot wait to hear more about the conversion process. i’m sure it will go smoothly, b”h!

  4. I stumbled upon this website when I heard you were moving! Congratulations to you both and to Alex and Hallil. I was part of the welcoming committee when Alex first came into your lives!! Congratulations again and much luck in your new home! -Michelle, Paul and Brian Taylor

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