Posted by: gruvenreuven | November 20, 2008

Movin’ on Up

Tip of the week… Moving in Tishrei is quite a challenge!

OK, so I need to jump back in the swing of blogging with an apology. The last time I updated this blog we were in the month of Elul! This Shabbos is Shabbos Mevarchim (“the Shabbat that blesses” the new month) of Kislev.

Our HouseSorry for the lack of updates, but I found it hard getting back in the swing of things. As you probably know via prior Blog posts, we had our sights set for most of the summer on our move to Bala Cynwyd Pennsylvania. Just outside of Philadelphia, this area is quickly becoming a vibrant Orthodox Community. Actually, this past spring, the now defunct Jewish Living Magazine voted the community as the 3rd best Jewish Community in North America.

Our initial goal in the move was to get there in time for the Holidays. Hashem had other plans for us. So the earliest our sellers were willing to settle was the day after Simchat Torah. Spiritually, being in the community in time for Parsha Bereshis was a dream come true and a perfect time to move…”A new Beginning”

From a logistics standpoint (taking in consideration Shabbat, and the Holidays) that gave me a total of 8 days to pack and get ready for the move! Of course good things come from hard work, and this move was no exception.

After Simchat Torah, I immediately packed up the Sukkah. We had a home walk through scheduled for 9:30am the next morning and closing at 11am. Being a Thursday we moved a lot of stuff ourselves after settlement.

MovingThe First order of Business was to affix the Mezzuzot, in which our house required 14! My 10 year old son had the next honor of moving in our Tzedakah boxes, which were placed in our bay windows next to the front door in both the Living room and Kitchen.

At the risk of being improperly handled and tossed by our movers, I move all my Torah books (Two VERY packed carloads worth). From there we moved kitchen items and Aero-beds for our first night in the new house.

Orchestrating a move is work to begin with, but to insure everything was done before Shabbos required extra due diligence. The day of the “professional Movers” Move was Friday the 25th. My Wife stayed at the new house to get the kitchen ready and thing in order for our first Shabbos meal in our new home. I met the movers at the old house with my eldest son at 9:00am. The craziness in all this was to insure the movers were done before candle lighting at 5:50pm as I was planning to be in shul it time for Mincha.

It was a nail biter, but the movers had wrapped up by 5:30pm.

My assumptions were right about Parsha Bereshis being a new beginning. Some where during Maariv, it hit me. This goal that my family had work so hard on achieve for a number of years had finally come to fruition. There was a big sigh of relief. No longer did we have to drive an hour to go to food shopping at a kosher market. No longer did we have to drive an hour to eat at a kosher restaurant. No longer did we have to find hospitality for Shabbos of Holidays. We finally made it!

Chabad of the MainlineThe walk to shul isn’t bad at just under a mile and a half, and it is a pure pleasure to be able to Daven with a minyan each morning even if we do start at 6:45am.

A month after the move I can finally announce with this Blog post that we are getting back into the swing of things. Getting the old house cleaned and ready to be placed on the market consumed most my time. (Hence the lack of Blog updates). Unfortunately my studies suffered the most. I am still about 4 days/pages behind in my Daf Yomi studies and my Torah/Rashi & Rambam studies have been done at a cursory level. I am hoping with the Old House now on the Market, and the majority of Boxes unpacked I can resume my studies with full gusto. (Last week I resumed the Study Groups that I lead on SecondLife)

Selling a House in a Market like this requires a lot of Emmunah (Faith). I take comfort in the fact that we moved for the right reasons. To bring our children up in a Jewish Community. If with this economy, we fail, at least we did it in support of Torah. That being said, you really can’t go wrong using the Torah as your compass in this life. Win/lose or Draw.



  1. Yay for new beginnings! I’m so excited for you and the fam 🙂

  2. mazal tov on the new house! may it be filled with Torah, joy, smachmot and a place where you and the family will create wonderful family memories

  3. Wishing a Happy Chanukah to you and those you love!

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