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Ronen Levi Yitzchak Segal z”l

Ronen Levi Yitzchak Segal z"lMeeting interesting people is what Social Media is all about. We get to know these individuals via blogs, email, videos and status updates. One of the most beautiful souls that I have had the absolute pleasure to get to know via Social Media was Ronen Segal of Livingston, NJ (formerly of Crown Heights). Ronen was best known for his Video Blog posts on Youtube & Facebook. Ronen shared his feeling and thoughts with the world. An Observant Jew, Ronen had a unique perspective on Torah & Life. Ronen didn’t just Study Torah, He lived it’s values fully.

It is with great sadness, that I learned of Ronen’s passing. Ronen returned his soul to Hashem in a tragic accident on the 3rd of Iyar 5769

A loving father of 2 daugther, Ronen shared with us over 249 Videos which can be seen here

I’ve included the below video which Ronen talks about Death, and the Death of his father. I remember the first time I saw this video, I was touched with Ronen’s analogy of Death and Passengers getting of a Bus. Shalom Ronen, we will meet again during the coming of Moshiach, may it happen speedily in our day.

Barch Dayan Emmes



  1. what happened?

    • B”H

      Who care what happened? The guy was obviously an unbelievable Tzadik. I’m not saying he knew crazy Kabbalah or anything – but he was REAL, real about loving G-d – that’s a real Tzadik.

      Everything is for a purpose – we are living in the last milisecond of golus (or the first miliseconds of geulah – i cant really tell), one thing is for sure – all of us have to pickup where Ronen “left off”. I wish I had a chance to know him before, but you know what – that’s just me.

      • Amen!

  2. If Reb Ronen wasn’t a Tzadiq, then he was a Tzadiq in the making. He was a true light from HaShem and his videos are the best thing on YouTube, IMO. I just wish someone would have recognized his talent and taken him under their wing. Yes, I’m curious about the nature of the accident, but Reb Ronen himself said that when one’s life mission or soul rectification was complete, then their soul returns to HaShem, which is why we have to say, “Baruch Dayan Emes.” That said, Reb Ronen will be sorely missed.

  3. ת.נ.צ.ב.ה
    עשית את התיקון אחי
    השם שומרך השם איתך
    תודה Thanks!

  4. Ronen was a public figure to a certain extent, and whoever is such should expect that his public would take an interest in how he died.

    Secondly, Mr. Segal put many comments expressing his most innermost thoughts and reflections on YouTube for the benefit of others. Some of these expressions were controversial. If there was any mystery or scent of foul play involved in his demise, it could imply a possible attempt to silence him. If this was the case, then anyone who expresses themselves as such on a social/alternative media site risks danger to herself. And for that knowing would help.

    Finally, if his death was a suicide or an overdose, it would help in interpreting his comments, and understanding his mental state when he made those comments.

    For these reasons, I think a public statement is justified.

  5. i think it would have been nice to know how ronen passed after all many ppl were touched by ronens posts & videos on youtube etc which he chose to put out in the public domain. also i noticed that his brother asked for public donations for the welfare of his two daughters…again out in public.

    i had exchanged a few pm’s with ronen & found his take on life & his commitment to & passion for his faith very inspiring…RIP ronen.

  6. baruch dayan haemet.
    i had the pleasure of meeting ronen a couple times in albany, a happy and inspiring soul.
    let us look forward to seeing him again b’h at techiyat hametim,
    chazaq weematz beavodatekha,
    na nach nachma nachman meuman

  7. I actually agree. I only spoke to Ronen twice via email and he made a video answer to my question. I understand that the family want to keep particular details on about his death private.
    It just seem all the more stranger when ronen answered 10 questions about himself then upon his passing they were removed.
    I guess what I’m saying is that I would help all of us to some “closure” or maybe understanding better our friend.

  8. to all who are wondering “what happened” to ronen:
    while we understand your curiosity/desire to know…we (his family) are asking for and appreciate your respect on keeping these details to ourselves. We are still in shock and going through an extremely difficult time without ronen. We miss him terribly, words cannot explain it. All there is to know is that there was a tragic accident and he is gone. Nothing will bring him back, unfortuantely.

    • I wanted to share with you how much Ronen touched my life. My name is Marc. I am in the process of converting and only happened across Ronen’s videos today. Sadly, no sooner had I discovered Ronen then I learned of his passing. This has left me feeling a deep void. I cannot imagine the pain that you are feeling as his family. Ronen is and shall always be a true example of what it is to be a Jew in the real sense of the meaning. He love for his fellow man. the world and most importantly Ha-Shem radiates from within him. I send you all my sincere and deeply heart-felt sympathy through this difficult time. May Ha-Shem bless you all. Marc

      • thank you marc. that was very sweet and appreciated.

    • Dear Sarrit,

      I hope as time passes your family begins to heal but that will happen with time. Ronen was an amazing soul and teacher who continues to teach and inspire my journey as Jew.

      My HaShem continue to bless and keep all of you.

      Timah Ruth Elisheva

      • Thank you Timah. I am glad to hear that Ronen continues to teach and inspire you.
        G-d bless you and your family.

    • I have just found Ronen’s site and many of his videos had encouraged me to begin again a seacrh of my Jewish Roots- Yesterday, 10-19, I stumbled accross a notice about “our” Ronen; I went home and stayed in bed in shock- I hope that the time that has passed for you, his family of blood, have begun the healing process…
      I have come across several sites this morning that have begun saving his work and stories online- I hope that you his family will allow this part of Ronen to remain for “US” his family of the public.

      May G-D continue to bless us all during this time of understanding.

    • Let us not focus on how Ronen died, but on how he lived.

      To Ronen’s family: How proud you must be of your Ronen. What a blessing he was [and continues to be] to so many!

      May the Lord bless you and keep you; may the Lord make His face shine upon you and be gracious to you, and may the Lord turn His face toward you and give you peace.

      RIP Ronen –

  9. I also conversed with him, especially when I revealed to him my direct lineage from Levi Yitzchak of Berdichev, he got very excited and was very keen on my family tree. Hashem has blessed us just to have known him….Love to Am Yisroel.

  10. as a person continuing to seek truth & wisdom, Ronen helped & continues to help me. My own brother died very young (32), I will never get over it. Nor should I. When I think of people like my brother Mark & Ronen, they were such pure souls in so many ways. This is part of the reason Hashem wanted them to come “home”. Still, my soul screams “NO”.

  11. i just want to say that it saddens me to think of how hard this loss must be for family and close friends. i am a christian, but truly enjoyed ronen’s youtube posts. the wisdom, and love for people that he showed, yet still not compromising in his faith is very inspiring. on a lot of topics, i never heard a better explanation, or one that really seemed to tell what is in G-d’s heart for His people as clearly. it is a blessing that ronen will still reach many people through those videos.

    i hope his family finds comfort and peace as time goes on, but i am sure it is unimaginably hard to lose a loved so unexpectedly. G-d bless…

  12. Baruch Dayan Emes. See this post:

  13. i just want to say that Ronen and his youtube videos have touched me and i watch and learn more every day growing closer to Hashem. he will be greatly missed not only by his loving family, but also missed greatly by me and everyone else that watched and learned from him. may Hashem bless the family and comfort them. we will all meet again when messiah comes. until then we have the memories we cherish in our hearts of the great man Ronen is and will always be. peace be upon his family. thank you for the time he was with us Hashem! we will all be together soon! shalom

  14. l just recently found out of Ronen Levi Yirzchak passing. lt has sadden me that he is no longer with us. Very rarely do people like him come along. Our prayers are with his loved ones.

    Blessing be in the hearts and minds of all mankind.

  15. Hello,
    because of lack of info about his death…I was forced to find out myself.
    I ran a skip trace on his name… 4-26-09 is when he died…I know how he died.
    (private detective)
    the family may want to reconsider giving others closure…before some schmuck like
    me digs up the info…I will not disclose any details out of respect.
    but there are others out there who will not treat this as fragile subject matter…
    I miss Ronen. he has inspired me…and the details of his death could not change that…will not change anything. sadly,not everyone is like me.
    to the family Of Ronen: just give the people something…anything…you dont have to tell the truth…the whole truth so help you G-D…do it before they find out.
    I’m trying to help…I may seem callus…but you don’t know me.
    trying to save His name.

    • steve i really need to know the details.. can you please tell me how he died.. i need some closure

      • Hope just the death of Sweet Brother Ronen was accidently and not a suicide! JUST HOPE TO ALL MY HEART ! …..I miss his smille ..! So much I miss him!

    • Steve can you share the details? I dont know why i care so much but Ronen was such an amazing person and touched my life.

  16. Ronen Levi Yitzachak He was a gift ,we will all miss him what a wonderful heart and soul he had, it is our loss the world is missing the tenderness of Ronen Levi Yitzachak for this we grieve.I am sure he is happy and blissful in the loving presence of Hashem.Untill we are all united again we will miss Ronen he has our love it is with him.

  17. Baruch Dayan haemet!!! What a true inspiration! May the days of geula come soon!

  18. Im 24 and my lineage is jewish from new zealand,

    I would just like too say i had not actualy found out brother ronen had passed though i had watched his youtube posting, but rather then start from the begining i started at the end. ronen has helped me like no other in my journey of life, i simply
    Cant put it into words i came across his videos only this afternoon and few hours later finished with the first posting wondering why he had not posted in a long time and ofcouse i now know,

    i care not how he died as i have read some postings suggesting things.

    i simply want to say thank you god! For your son ronen has touched so many, and i hope you will enjoy his smile and warm comments, and gift of insight into the good of man in all our diffrences, you trully created a man of god… To his family especialy his children please continue your fathers work for your lineage is of a great man of god, and as rowen would say god bless you all

  19. The way to respect him is to observe his Yartzeit ..Learn & Pray for his soul beginning April 24,2012 AT Sundown .Mark your calendar !

  20. Hi guys
    This is a serious request that I am putting forth here. I am searching for ronens resting place.

    I have a friend who genuinely wants to pray St his kever. He said he might have spoken lashon hara abt ronen after he passed and NEEDS to ask FORGIVENESS — ( the sefarim say you are not even allowed to talk l”h abt a non living person – and if done – need to ask mechila at his kever ) my friend really want to ask him forgiveness please please will someone find out and let me know. thankful .

    Nissan thank you guys

  21. I searched YouTube for videos on Judaism and conversion, just as I do every couple of days. Somehow, I found his channel. I watched a video, and felt very much as I felt when I first considered converting to Judaism…that I had come home. After noticing that many of the dates are from 3-4 years ago, I searched his full name on Google, and was shocked to find tributes to his life.
    I am still in shock, but I look forward to the joy and comfort I have found in his voice.
    I will cherish his efforts and wisdom as the Magid of YouTube! His enthusiasm was palpable.
    Thank you, Ronen.
    To his family I wish everlasting peace in the thought of him.

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