Posted by: gruvenreuven | June 10, 2009

Gruven’s 1st Shabbos Tweet-up

Motzei Shabbat Tweet-upSince moving to Bala Cynwyd the day after Simchat Torah last year, this past Shabbos was the first Shabbos that we had a house full of out of town guests. Ok, Ok.. I do have to admit that “First” comes with a set of asterisks. Prior to this past Shabbat we did have relatives stay with us, and “out of Shul walking distance” local guests on a number of occasions, but this was the first time we had both guest rooms filled and certainly the first Shabbos Tweet-up!

For years before moving, Shabbos for us meant finding Shabbos hospitality if we wanted to attend shul on Shabbos. Although our hosts were always very accommodating and encouraged us to stay with them, one can’t help but feel bad that you can’t repay the favor. I vowed that when we did finally move, that I would return the favor whenever I had the opportunity.

So what better way to “return the favor” of Shabbos Hospitality then to have @ravtex, @susqhb, @schnit & @kvetchingeditor over for Shabbos Parsha Naso!! I’ve known these folks for well over a year via Twitter & Facebook, however this was the first time we got to meet face to face. It’s always fun finally meeting folks you communicate with daily. Although it’s a first meeting, you do feel like you have known them for ages.

I would say judging from laughter around the Tisch things went well. Typically I’m in bed minutes after benching Friday night; I would say not hitting the hay until well after midnight (both Friday & Saturday) was a good metric for me that it was a fantastic Shabbos.

There were however some take away lessons learned for future Shabbos Hospitality Tweet-ups….

1. I need to alert folks that I have 2 affectionate cats that do not run and hide when we have guests. This wreaks havoc on folks with Allergies.

2. I need to create a map to the Shul, so folks who want to sleep late and might not necessary want to be there before Hodu can make it to shul with out having to remember the short cut from the night before in the dark and get lost. (I still feel bad about that!! D’oh!)

3. And lastly I need to bring out ALL the deserts from the fridge as not to be accused by my wife of hording the Parve Boston Cream Pie for myself!!

Thanks guys for making it such a wonderful time!



  1. Maybe instead this should be a lesson to people not to show up late to Shul 🙂

  2. Thank YOU for having us. It was *such* a wonderful time. And your boys? Little mitzvah men!

  3. Chavi, The boys had a GREAT time with you (and everyone). I actually got son3 to help clean-up last night by saying “Where’s Chavi’s Mitzvah boy”?

    Tuvia, Re: Late to Shul…. LOL… Son10 asked me why when I take him to shul I “March him out of the House and hurry him along so we are the first ones there, but when friends are over we take our time”. 🙂

    Tuvia, I shared your blog post with Dan (The Gentleman that gave the D’Var) . Nice!

  4. I assume you mean the one on Frum From Rebirth, I hope he enjoyed it. I mentioned it quickly to him while he was on the way out the door.

    Thanks again for having us, it was really great 🙂

  5. I sent him links to all 3 blog posts (and to our Rabbi as well)

    It was great, you guys have an open invitation. Any time dude.

  6. looks like a lot of fun!

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