Posted by: gruvenreuven | July 16, 2009

Facebook Phishing

PhishedNot so much “Jewish Content” in my post here, but thought I should post this in case you got a crazy IM from me recently. No, I’m not stranded in the United Kingdom… No, I’m not looking for you to send me money…. (Unless you really want to)

Seems like my Facebook password was compromised, and the “hacker” was IM’ing folks on my Friends list who were online at the time, trying to scam them for money.

Last night I got a call from my Niece in Florida who told me about a strange IM conversation she had with “Me” on Facebook. My impersonator was claiming I was in the UK, robbed at gun point and needed Money wired to me ASAP to get home. A couple things tipped her off it wasn’t me. But mainly I referred to her by her Facebook nickname which was a nickname I never referred to her by.

My other friend who was also IM’ed, thought it strange that I didn’t mention anything on any of the Social Networks that I was going to the UK. Plus, she was suspicious that in the conversation I didn’t use any “Jewish/Hebrew/Yiddish Terms”.

So, to make a long story short, I was up until 1:30am last night changing unique passwords as well as scanning my workstation and looking through firewall logs. My guess is I was probably Phished via one of the many “Facebook apps” or 3rd party cross posting access methods. Don’t really know.

It was also interesting that the person changed my Facebook profile to remove my Mobile number & Link to my blog. My guess is so folks couldn’t contact me to see if the story was “real”.

Well, I just want to post this as a Heads up and a reminder to “be careful” out there. Below is the chat log my quick thinking friend captured.

Reuven Fischer: Hello
AsmartFRIEND: hey there!
AsmartFRIEND: what’s up
Reuven Fischer: Am not doing good at the moment
AsmartFRIEND: oh no? what’s up?
Reuven Fischer: I and my family are stuck right here in Ipswich
AsmartFRIEND: stuck?
AsmartFRIEND: are you bored?
Reuven Fischer: I had a trip to united kingdom visiting a conference opening ceremony on my way back to the hotel, i got attacked by some gang of armed robbers and they took everything i have with me at gun point.
AsmartFRIEND: are you serious?
AsmartFRIEND: is your family ok?
Reuven Fischer: Am not kidding
AsmartFRIEND: crap
AsmartFRIEND: so are the police there?
Reuven Fischer: We are all ok though am slightly injured
AsmartFRIEND: crap
AsmartFRIEND: Are there people here you need to contact?
AsmartFRIEND: I didn’t even know you had an out of town trip planned, the internets didn’t say so
Reuven Fischer: Not at all as i have made some contact and awaiting their response.
Reuven Fischer: am in need of your assistance to get out of here with my family
AsmartFRIEND: not sure how I can help
Reuven Fischer: Please can you loan me some bucks to balance the hotel bill and get our flight tickets back home
Reuven Fischer: I will refund it as soon as i get back home
AsmartFRIEND: I wish I had cash to do such a thing
AsmartFRIEND: we’re on one income, check to check. no real savings
Reuven Fischer: Its ok
AsmartFRIEND: who is with you?
Reuven Fischer: Debbie
AsmartFRIEND: and?
AsmartFRIEND: where are your kids?
Reuven Fischer: We left them with the Nanny
AsmartFRIEND: nanny?
AsmartFRIEND: where are you right now? ON the street?
Reuven Fischer: In the Hotel security lobby
AsmartFRIEND: oh
AsmartFRIEND: you never mentioned you were travelling so I was questioning if this ws really you
AsmartFRIEND: ?
Reuven Fischer: what do you mean ?
AsmartFRIEND: maybe someone had stolen your phone and was trying to scam money
Reuven Fischer: OMG
Reuven Fischer: why would i do that
AsmartFRIEND: I didn’t say you’d do that
AsmartFRIEND: but if your phone was stolen and someone was chatting with your settings
Reuven Fischer: its ok
AsmartFRIEND: I still wish I could help
AsmartFRIEND: do you not have family who can help?
Reuven Fischer: I have and they are making arrangement now
AsmartFRIEND: oh thank goodness
AsmartFRIEND: so the gunman stole all your money? Anything else?



  1. Man thats pretty bad, good thing no one fell for it.

  2. <—-Smart Friend 😀 hehe

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