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Chayenu – An Exciting New Torah Publication

chayenuDuring my last trip up to Crown Heights this past Sunday, I picked up a couple copies of the new publication Chayenu (Our Lives) at the local Kahans Superette on Kingston St. Chayenu is a weekly Torah magazine, for the English speaking community, whose aim is to further enable the study of both Nigleh V’Nistar (the inner & outer dimensions of Torah), with special emphasis on the daily Shiurim (study schedules) of Rambam (Maimonides), and Chitas.

Although modeled as an English version of “Dvar Malchus”, Chayenu is still pretty much a work in process. That shouldn’t scare anyone away from subscribing, but rather entice them as to Chayenu’s potential in the near future. I’m sure Dvar Malchus when first published was not as rich with content as it is today.

I am not saying Chayehu is not packed with content, quite the contrary. The Current issue of Chayehu for Parshas Devarim contains the daily Rambam Mishna Torah readings for each day of the week in addition to Rambam’s Sefer Hamitzvos daily synopsis. Also included are selections of Halacha, Geulah Study, An excerpt of a sichos (Talk) the Rebbe gave concerting a Mishna in this week’s Pirkei Avos reading, A responsa from the Rebbe concerning Bitachon and a Sichos from the Rebbe concerning Shabbos Chazon.

The current list of publishers providing content are Moznaim Publishing, Sichos In English, The Meaningful Life Center & Kol Menachem.

My only wish is that they enlarge the page size slightly, perhaps to an 8.5×11 size page, and reduce the font slightly. In doing so, they could include daily Rashi w/Chumash, Tanya, HaYom Yom and of course a couple more Sichos from the Rebbe. I have a feeling some of that is already in the works (In regards to expanded content)

In my opinion, Chayenu is well worth the dollar cover price (Subscriptions, add .50 per issue for shipping). The Chayenu website currently does not accept online credit card subscriptions. To subscribe you need to mail a check (With you Name & Address) to:

562 New York Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11225

Presently, They are accepting subscriptions for 6 months (26 weeks), running until Teves 5, 5770 (December 22, 2009)
In Crown Heights, Chayenu is available at the following locations:
– Jewish Children’s Museum Store
– Kahan’s Superette
– Kol Tuv
– The Shuk
– Post-Mark-It (Crown & Kingston)
– KosherTown (Empire & Albany)

Since coming back from Crown Heights, I immediately sent off for a 6 month subscription, and look forward to using this publication as part of my daily study cycle.



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