Posted by: gruvenreuven | August 26, 2009

Tweet for Gilad! #GiladShalit

Gilad ShalitOn August 28th, Israeli Gilad Shalit, (who was captured and taken Hostage by Hamas) turns 23. Gilad has spend the last 4 years in Captivity as the world remains silent. His capture hasn’t dominated the international news and most of the World Leaders aren’t applying pressure for his release…. We Need to get this young man HOME!

As such, It’s time we take it upon ourselves to spread the word so that the world can gain awareness.

Today, August 26, on twitter, Concerned twitter-citizens have been tagging their 140 Character posts (Tweets) with the tag #GiladShalit. In doing so, #GiladShalit remained most active “trending” topics on Twitter. It is our hopes that by spreading the world we can increase awareness which can secure his release!

I encourage you to tweet about Gilad, or spread the word thorough other forms of Social Media. There is a Gilad Group on Facebook as well as numerous other Gilad Shalit web sites. We need your help!

Gilad News Blog
Bring Gilad Home
JIDF’s Campaign
Israel’s Foreign Ministry

My Gilad Tweets on Twitter today:

Thinking of #GiladShalit as I study Torah Tonight

Nice! #giladshalit is trending at no. 2 just behind Teddy (Baruch Dayan HaEmmes)

@LipaFan Cool! do you think I would be pushing my luck if I asked them to lay down their arms too? #GiladShalit

Doing project budgets for 2010. Yuk.. Still Much better then what #GiladShalit is going though

RT @Kristina_Ruth: We want Gilad NOW ! ! ! ¡ ʍou ɥɐıɥsɐɯ ʇuɐʍ ǝʍ #GiladShalit

LOVE IT! RT @mottel: My mitzvah for #GiladShalit: Not playing with my cellphone during davening!

Tehillim 20 is a great Psalm to say for someone suffering in a distant place #GiladShalit

NICE! RT @yonitdm: Beautiful concert for #GiladShalit

74 of the 613 Mitzvot can be found in this week’s Parsha. One of those mitzvot concerns returning a lost object. Hamas! Return #GiladShalit

This week’s Parsha we are obligated to remember what Amalek did as we left Egypt. We should also remember what Hamas has done to #GiladShalit

Bring Gilad Home #GiladShalit – For Gilad #giladshalit

Do you believe after four years there are STILL Jews in Gaza!! Hamas, what is wrong with you?? Expel Gilad Shalit now!! #giladshalit



  1. We have not forgotten Gilad, he is in our prayers and our efforts to free him continue. Hamas and others will pay a heavy price. I have asked G-d to intervene and He will.

    Our love is with you Gilad, don’t give up.

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