Posted by: gruvenreuven | October 26, 2009

My Miracle

soldThis past Shabbos was Parsha Noach, and it poured. (As it seems to do every Parsha Noach out here in Philly area). While walking home after shul, a car drove by catching a puddle that soaked my right side. In my anger I said, “The Car should flip over!” My friend who I was walking home with me at the time gasped at what I had said. In thinking about it, Yes, I over reacted. So I quickly reverse my words and said “Hashem may the car not flip over and travel safely on its way”. And then…. A miracle occurred… The car did NOT flip over!

Sometimes it’s hard to see the real miracles at are in front of us every day. And although the above story is pure fiction, (Apart from it did rain like crazy last Shabbos), I have been blessed with a true miracle! Or so it seems to me.

As friends and readers of my blog well know, I have been trying to sell my house for the past year. In May of 2008, my wife and I made the commitment to move to the growing Jewish Township of Lower Merion Pennsylvania. At the time, from home sales statistics, it looked as if I would have no trouble selling my house in 3 months. My wife and I figured with 2 young boys and a very narrow window in where we could move to (And afford), it would be better to buy a House first and then sell. (Keeping a house show room clean with a 3 year of seemed next to impossible) As it happened, we found a house, and put down the “Wow that’s a Lot of Money” deposit just a couple weeks before the Oct 2008 crash.

Carrying two mortgages while trying to sell a house in this economy is a real test of faith. To say this was one of the most difficult years of my life would NOT be an understatement. (And that’s coming from a Cancer survivor!) Deep down, I knew I moved for the right reasons. We moved from the “Fringes of Galus” to give our kids the opportunity to grow up in a thriving Jewish Community. The spiritual gains we received this year are un-measurable. I am able to Daven with a minyan twice, if not thrice a day. I now have the opportunity to study nightly at the Philly Kollel. The community supports Jewish Day schools, no fewer then 7 orthodox shuls, Mikvot, as well as Judaica shops. There are also convenience benefits too. No longer do we need to stay with friends if we want to attend Shul on Shabbos & Holidays. No longer do we need to drive an hour to a Kosher Market or Restaurant. We even have a Kosher Pizza place that delivers. You can’t beat that

As hard as the times were this year, I knew Hashem would see I landed on my feet. OK, maybe I didn’t know it so much as kept reminding myself. I have to be honest though. This past August, my faith was challenged and probably was at it’s lowest. An identical house 2 doors down from me decided enough was enough and tried to short-sell their house $50K less then ours. (Sadly that house, 2 months later is now facing Foreclosure)

There is no way my house should have sold, but it did. We got an offer shortly there after. The Settlement date (Picked by the Buyer)… October 23, EXACTLY one year to the day since we had moved. We weren’t the cheapest house on the block, and another house also up for sale on the block had a MUCH better view from their deck then did we, but it was our house that sold! According to a text book, we should not have sold, but we did!! Baruch Hashem!!

A Miracle, Or at the very least closure to a long saga (and source of many blog posts!)



  1. Yayyyy!!!!! For selling!!!!

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  3. Mazel Tov!

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