Posted by: gruvenreuven | November 27, 2009

I remember Mumbai

I think my landscape of the Thanksgiving holiday will be forever painted by the tragedy of the Mumbai massacre.

I remember being glued to my computer that Thanksgiving of 2008, receiving reports, checking on multiple news services simultaneously, and hoping. Hoping that just like the events of Entebbe in 1976, things were going to turn out in the end. That some commando force would raid the Mumbai Chabad House and the miracle of Hashem could once again be witnessed. Of course that never happened.

I remember driving to work the follow day. A Friday. A day that most of my co-workers had taken off. I remember hearing report on Philly’s KYW-News Radio that the siege on the Chabad house was over. The details beyond that were sketchy.

I remember arriving to work and reading twitter posts from my Israeli friends that pointed me to news sources that detailed the unfolding tragedy.

I still remember how hard it was to keep my work face on, as all I wanted to do was cry.

I remember before I left for the day, it being Friday, that I posted to twitter that “We should Honor Shabbos with joy this week. We can mourn after Shabbos doing Mitzvot in honor of ALL effected by this tragedy”. A post that the New York Times pick up upon and published.

I remember taking on the Study of Mishnayos, of which I completed 6. (One for each of the holy kedoshim that were murdered in the Mumbai Chabad House)

I remember that Shabbos, a Shabbos in which ALL Jews came together as one.

I remember my Rabbi choking back his tears during his D’var that Shabbos.

I remember Rabbi Gavriel Holtzberg, Rebbetzin Rivka Holtzberg, Bentzion Kruman, Rabbi Leibish Teitelbaum, Yoheved Orpaz & Norma Shvarzblat Rabinovich



  1. Hashem Yinkoim Domom.

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