Posted by: gruvenreuven | December 8, 2009

Chayenu – Now with TANYA!

As I have previously blogged (and raved) a couple of times before (here and here). Chayenu the weekly Torah study publication continues to impress! Starting with this week’s issue, Chayenu now includes Daily Tanya study as it moves closer to total Chitas.

Chayenu makes it convenient to catch up on your weekly Torah Study by condensing at least 3 seforim that you would be carrying around into one handy magazine publication. No matter if you study during your lunch hour at work, your train ride home or even during your regular home/Kollel/Yeshiva study, Chayenu makes it even easier for you to Study whenever and where ever!

Currently each week’s issue of Chayenu contains the daily readings for:
Chumash with Rashi Commentary for the current week’s parsha, (English/Hebrew)
Rambam’s Mishneh Torah (One Chapter a day – English/Hebrew)
Rambam’s Sefer Ha’Mitzvot (English)
Halacha Study (English)
Geulah Study (English)
Letters from the Rebbe (English)
And now TANYA (English/Hebrew)

To adapt a line from Heshy Fried (AKA Frumsatire) when he was discussing the Chitas sefer…. I’d like to state that; Chayenu is the Swiss-Army knife of Torah study. If you are trapped on an island without your library, a weekly subscription to Chayenu is all you need!

Subscribing to Chayenu has never been easier as they now accept Paypal.

At $104 a year subscription ($1.50/per issue + .50 shipping) It’s a steal!

If you are in Crown Heights, Chayenu can be bought over the counter at the following locations: Kol Tuv Grocery, Jewish Children’s Museum Store, Kahan’s Superette, Post-Mark-It, Judaica World, Klien’s Grocery

I’ve been a subscriber since July and never received an issue late. I am beyond satisfied with the publication



  1. Reuven! Thanks for the piece on Chayenu! I have subscribed and await my first issue. this is perfect for our study out here on the small island where I am living.
    Yasher Koach!

    • Hi Beanzblues, how are you enjoying your Chayenu?

      • Absolutely what I needed. It has allowed me to learn at a level I hadn’t expected. I am learning to go deeper with the help of Rashi, which has led me to Rashbam and Nachamanides, the Arbabanel, Ibn Ezra………
        The Tanya lessons I also enjoy, although I think they would be better served for me if I was in a class.
        Keep writing, and thanks for asking!

  2. Did you know that your page comes up on the 19th page of google when I type in my name for search? Just thought I should let you know what people do when they can’t sleep.

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