Posted by: gruvenreuven | December 10, 2009

A Chanukkah Remez

Rabbi Yoseph Chaim the “Ben Ish Chai” in his work by that name points out, that there is a remez (symbolic meaning) to Chanukkah in the Torah.

We can see that the date of Chanukkah is coded directly in its name itself: “Chanukkah” which is spelled in Hebrew: Chet, Nun, Vav, Chaf, Hei, can be read as “chanu” (Chet-Nun-Vav –They Rested) & chaf (gematria=20) hei (gematria 5). In other words, “they rested on the 25th”. (day of the month of Kislev that Chanukkah falls out on is the 25th).

Taking that one step further, Chanukkah can be associated with Light in the Torah. We find this in Parshas Bereishis to be exact. If you look at the 25th word in Parshas Bereishis, you will find the word Ohr, (Light in Engish).

The remez here is that Chanukkah is the festival of lights in which we commemorate the miracle where the oil remained lit for 8 days.

The exact phrase containing the word Ohr (Light) in Parshas Bereishis, talks around the creation of light and reads: va’yomer Elokim yehi ohr, va’yehi ohr (and G-D said let there be light and there was light)

If you look at the gemateria of each the starting letters of that phrase you fill find that vav-6, aleph-1, yud-10, aleph-1, vav-6, aleph-1 also equals 25, corresponding to the 25th Kislev.

May the light of Chanukkah, shine in your home, dispelling the darkness of Assimilation. Chag Sameach! Happy Chanukkah



  1. great stuff!

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