Posted by: gruvenreuven | December 14, 2009

Car & Lego Menorahs Oh My!

This Chanukah I was relieved that my Car Menorah actually fit on my Toyota Yaris! A car Menorah on a Yaris? Now that’s a Chanukah Miracle!

When I bought the car last spring, the possibility of it not fitting did cross my mind. At slightly larger then a smart car my questions were, would it have the oomph to carry the Menorah and if width of my car was going to be a problem. In regards to the width, not a problem, with centimeters to spare! As for the oomph… I’ll be glad to get it off my car.

This was my fourth Chanukah with a car Menorah for me. A part from the smiles, honks & waves I receive, the main purpose of the car Menorah is kiddush Hashem, spreading light publicly as we do each year during the Philadelphia Menorah Parade. We learn after the Temple was reclaimed, the Menorah was lit in the courtyard for all to see. We recreate that public display via 200+ cars driving though the streets of center city Philadelphia the first Motzei Shabbos of Chanukah. Preceded by a truck containing live music, we make the nearly 2 mile trek from the Philadelphia Art Museum to Independence mall. (Music was played by Chony Milecki on piano accompanied by Eli Marcus)

At Independence Mall within sight of the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall, we top off the evening with the lighting of the 50 foot Chanukah Menorah by Both Rabbi Shemtov & Rabbi Lipsker. (Both on cherry pickers). Of course there is plenty of Food, Dancing & Socializing. It’s truly wonderful to see all the Chabad communities of the surrounding Philadelphia area getting together. Even more special are the folks that happen upon the festivities to celebrate with us.

To my surprise, my mug (Second picture in the story) made’s report of the Parade!

The below Video is footage from the Pre-Parade Car Menorah lineup

The below Video is footage from the 50 foot Menorah Lighting

If that didn’t wasn’t enough and not to be out done, our Shul (Chabad of the Mainline) had a Menorah lighting Sunday night, the 3rd night of Chanukah. This lighting featured a 90” (7.5 foot) Lego Menorah. It was a great time for the kids who got to help in building the base. The Menorah, a creation of Rabbi Mendy Cohen, is quite functional as can be seen from the below video

Chag Sameach! Happy Chanukah



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  2. this Chanukah would be much nicer without threat of iran, boycott and blockade in gaza… i hope that even if iran want to wipe us from the map our G-d will save us by another miracle…

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