Posted by: gruvenreuven | February 12, 2010

A Snowy Mikvah

Insanity? No, that’s just my Pintele Yid….

The Pintele Yid is that little Jewish pilot light flame inside us that keeps us longing to connect to Hashem no matter how far we may have strayed.

This past week the Philadelphia area was hit by two back to back snow storms which left us with a record amount of snow. As of mid-February, Philadelphia has gotten more snow this winter then Buffalo NY!!

Despite the snow, I still managed to make it to Shul without missing a minyan. While the mesiras nefesh of walking a mile and a half to shul in blizzard conditions is nothing in comparison to what our fathers went though, It is gratifying to do what it takes to be able to daven with a minyan. Even more so when making the minyan allows someone to say Kaddish for their parent!

It’s too easy to wake up on a snowy day and listen to your yatzer hora try to convince you to sleep a little later, be safe, warm, cozy and just daven from home. But it’s that Pintele yid that gives you the energy to wake up even earlier to fight the snow and make it to the 6:45am Minyan on-time! It’s that Pintele Yid that convinces you that the 15minute evening service is well worth the hour walk up and back.

Below is a semi-comical video taken with my iPhone of my friends and I making it to the Mikvah at 6:00am (before Shacharis) in about 3 ft of snow. The warm Mikvah waters did more then just revive my soul. (No worries, this video is Tznius Safe) 🙂



  1. We were worried!! 😉 You’re awesome Reuven!

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