Posted by: gruvenreuven | May 28, 2010

I am a Jew

A friend was over with her husband for Shabbos not so long ago. She spent most of Shabbos trying to pigeon hole me into a segment of Judaism according to her definitions. To her, I couldn’t be a Lubavticher, because I owned a TV.

So that got me thinking… What am I?

I Daven daily at a Chabad Shul. Am I a chabadnik?

I study Sichos/maamarim of the Lubavitcher Rebbes. Am I a Lubavticher?

I like to like to meditate outside & study Likutei Morahan. Am I a Breslover?

I study my Daf Yomi at a Litvak Kollel. Am I a Litvak?

All 4 of my Grandparents came from Germany. Am I Ashkenazi?

My Dad was born in Israel. Am I Sefardic?

I hold an dual Citzenship with Israel. Am I Israeli?

I study Chasidus as well as Mussar. Am I misnaged or Chasidic?

My payos neatly tuck away behind my ear. Am I Brisk?

I grew up in the Conservative movement. Am I conservative?

I attended a Reform Shul as a young Adult. Am I reform?

I have a TV, and enjoy “House” on occasion. Am I Modern Orthodox?

You know what I am??? I am a Jew



  1. hear, hear! b’hatzlacha.

  2. Very Good!!!!!

    Gut Shabbos.

    Shabbat Shalom.

    A gittin Shabbis.

    And so on ….

  3. scwooooooo

  4. Powerful post to read, just as the 9 days begin…. We are all Jews.

    That said–
    just bringing to your attention that the google ad is for a christian missionary website, so maybe you want to contact them to change that for you….

  5. At at low point in my life, I heard the voices of angels, they were Jewish kids singing Shir L’Maalot, Psalm 121. It was on the streets of Bnei B’rak east of Tel Aviv.

    I too had no idea at that point in my life of what I was. I knew I was a Jew yet I didn’t feel as “Jewish” as the Chassidim. I was stopped on the street by a Yeshiva student who was very kind and wanted to save me. I ask him how could I be saved? He said, “come and see, come and learn.”

    I asked him about the boys who were singing he told me they were called “Kinderlach” which is German for child play. I knew that these kids had something I wanted. They were “righteous”. I didn’t even know them, yet I loved them because they were Jews. I realized then, only a Jew could love them like this and hear their songs in his heart. I am a Jew, maybe not the best, but I am a Jew.

    Thank you for your writings Rabbi. May your heart live forever. Isn’t a Jew one who is one inwardly?

    Shalom Elohim,

    V’liyam The Stubborn Hebrew

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