Posted by: gruvenreuven | February 8, 2011

Book Review: Foreskin’s Lament

“I believe in god, It’s been a real Problem for me” -Shalom Auslander

I am certain Shalom Auslander was absent from his Talmud class the day his Rebbe taught over the sugya in Avoda Zora (17a) of Rabbi Elazar ben Dordaya. Actually from most accounts it seems as if Shalom was absent frequently from Yeshiva (or not grasping what was really taught) Either way Baruch Hashem, as we might not have this hilarious account of his pretty twisted view of Life, Orthodox Judaism and Hashem. This is a sad tale masked by humor. Despite the laughs I found on nearly every page, as a reader one can not help but feel sorry for Shalom’s personal struggle with Hashem. Shalom is a modern day Tevye with an adolescent attitude and a thirst for all things Treif.

There are few 300+ pages books that I will plow through in the span of 24 hours (as I did with Foreskin’s Lament). A psychological humorous case study if ever there was one. Not sure what I would make of this book if I wasn’t an Orthodox Jew myself. I would probably walk away with a slanted view of Orthodox Judaism, that’s for sure. For some, the book might be considered a Chillul Hashem. But then again, I don’t think Orthodox Judaism is going to crumble based on one neurotic Author’s account. I can safely say that this guy needs more then a $375/hr psychologist.

Chillul Hashem or not, it’s a fun read.



  1. Wow!!! This guy seems to be seriously disturbed.

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