Posted by: gruvenreuven | February 27, 2011

It’s a Jewish Thing

In Fantastic Four issue #588, the Marvel comic universe is still reeling over the death of Fantastic Four team member Johnny Storm (aka The Human Torch). Johnny’s untimely death in the “negative zone” can be read in Issue #587.

In reading #588 (Which hit the comic book shops 23-Feb-2011), I came to the conclusion that Ben Grim (aka The Thing) MUST be Jewish, for the following fantastic 4 reasons….

1) In the Credits of the Book, Both Stan Lee & Jack Kirby (Both Jewish) are listed as “Grieving Parents”. Of course since Jewish linage is based on the Mother, I can not submit this as evidence.

2) Look at the below picture: Clearly The Thing is sitting Shiva on a stool. There are 3 other panels that show The Thing sitting low as his Super Hero friends stop by to pay their condolences.

3) The book shows the family at home for 7 days. “Getting Up” on the 7th day, the book takes you to the 8th day where the family leaves their home for a memorial service at the Cemetery. (Note: Since the body remains in the “Negative Zone”, this is NOT a funeral, but simply a memorial service) Doctor Doom attends and is driven by what appears to by a Lubavitcher Hasid. (See the Picture Below)

4) And my hands down proof that “The Thing” is Jewish, comes from his own admission. See the below panels taken from Issue #3 of Strange Tales II – Harvey Pekar (z”l) meets The Thing.

Need I say more… 🙂



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  3. You missed the first comic where Ben Grimm openly stated that he was Jewish: He even recites the Sh’ma.

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