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Convert your iPad into a j-Pad

All the media is a flutter with the news of Apple’s iPad2. Here’s all you need to know in converting your iPad into a j-Pad! Be the envy of your Yeshiva, Beis Medrish or Kollel.

Although useless on Shabbos (apart for the Shabbos Alarm Clock apps), the iPad/iPhone is an amazing portable device that allows you to study Torah whenever and wherever you’d like.

Aside from Internet connectivity, which brings to life endless online Judaic resources, I found these apps to be “essential” in helping turn my iPad (and iPhone) into an awesome Torah study device.

These are the essential Rustybrick apps:
Siddur HD. Shacharis, Mincha, Maariv, Brachos, bedtime Shema. Just select your nusach from Ashkenaz, Sefard, or Ari. The app also Includes Luach, Mizrach, Zmanim times based on your location & a near by Minyan locator

Tehillim App. Tehillim by chapter/day/book. In both English & Hebrew

Kitzur – Complete Kitzur Shulchan Aurach in Hebrew/English

Torah – A Tikun to help with leining.

Megillah app – complete with built in Graggers

Crowded Road also puts together the follow essential list of Apps for Torah Study:
iTalmud – Complete Talmud in Hebrew & English (with selected commentary!)
iMishna – Complete Mishna in Hebrew & English
iTorah – The Torah (English/Hebrew) with Rashi Commentary (Hebrew)

HebrewBooks app – Over 10,000 Hebrew book (some English titles too) available to download free in .pdf format (and view in iBooks) or View online with the app

Search for “” on iTunes yields dozens of books (Chabad Sichos) published in English by They also offer a yearly Luach for Lubavich davening & minhagim.

There is also quite a few Tanya apps. My favorite is by “watersmuggler”. It’s essentially the 5 volume “Lessons in Tanya” in one app. View the Text in Hebrew, View it in English, toggle in the commentary. The app gives you a number of ways to study Tanya.

Those are my main “Davening/Study” apps. There are also a plethora of apps from Jewish music to Shabbos alarm clocks to gematria calculators and Hebrew dictionaries.

The main draw back to the jPad (other then you can’t use it on Shabbos) is there is NO native Hebrew writing support. In other words you can’t write in Hebrew in the notes app. You will need to install an additional app like the “Hebrew PB” app to be able to write in Hebrew. From there, Hebrew text can be cut and pasted into other apps. (i.e. Safari, email or Notes, etc.) It’s a kludge, and fortunately there IS native Hebrew support on the iPhone. ****Udpate 7-mar-11: Later iOS updates now provide native Hebrew Support!

I remember the first time I used my iPad at the Kollel. One of the Kollel Rabbis stopped by and said “You know Reuven we have books here”, pointing to the walls of seforim. “That’s true”, I said, but went on to show him all the bookcases of books on one little device that I could take with me wherever.

Judaism?? Yeah, there’s an app for that.

(Feel free to add some of the Jewish apps you find useful in the comments section below)



  1. This might be the best list that I have read to date of Jewish iPhone / iPad apps. Below are a few more…

    iAliyah is a great app too for those who want basic aliyah info at their fingertips. iBlessing is a good introduction to the brachos revolving around food and iBirkat is helpful as you progress. The ParveOMeter is an entertaining little app that helps you keep track of when you eat meat and dairy.

    Rustybrick’s Hebrew / English translator is great if you just need it for those two languages while iTranslate is nice if you need a translator for multiple languages.

    Hope these additions are useful.

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