Posted by: gruvenreuven | March 22, 2011

A Purim Wave

Purim is like a large wave in the ocean. We see it coming, we anticipate its arrival, but then it crashes to the shore and is no more. Part of me laments that Purim is a one day holiday. Another part of me is grateful. I don’t know if I can handle two days of intense fun. This year I determined that “Mondays” after a Sunday Purim are are worst “Mondays” there are. Still, last year I was sick for Purim, this year B”H we were all healthy and able to enjoy ourselves to the fullest.

My 5 year old was looking forward to Purim for a good solid month. He would ask almost daily “Is it Purim yet… when is Purim”. I guess that was fuled by his school activities. They made a awesome graggers from a cans and dried beans. He made his own Megillah, and even helped in the creation of the Mishloach Manot bags. All that aside, I think his greatest joy was dressing up as Batman this year. (Despite losing his cape after the 1st Megillah reading. It was found in time for his Shushan Purim party at school). We got his costume about a month ago and I had to hide is to insure it would still be intact in time for Purim.

This year, my 12 year old is at that stage where he is too cool for a little Purim Cosplay. (despite me trying to convince him that dressing up is a fundamental aspect of Purim) We hide ourselves to commemorate Hashem’s hidden miracle. A reason some say that Hashem’s name is not found in the Megillah.

As far as my costume, I went the easy route. With a hat I bought years ago in Lancaster, pair of suspenders and a blue shirt, I went from Hasid to Amish Guy. It’s always my favorite Purim costume as it still holds to my level of Tznius.

We also went (Unexpectedly) the easy route with our Mishloach Manot delivery. I was getting in some yard work, and folks kept stopping buy our house delivering Mishloach Manot, I reciprocated, but after my work was done, all our bags were gone. Normally I’m out running around with the kids delivering Mishloach Manot. This year by the time we were ready to run out to make our deliveries, we had already given them out.

It was our first Purim that both my sons were able to sit quietly with me for 2 Megillah readings at Shul, and even had the chance to follow along from a real Megillah. My oldest heard the Megillah 3 times this Purim as he participated in a Retirement Home Purim party for the residents.

For our Purim seduah, we attended our Shul’s Purim party. “A taste of Asia”. The food was catered by Max & David’s a local restaurant here in the Philly area. We had way too much tasty food. Totally over ate. Not to mention the food, but our wait staff kept our table from every being without wine. My wife an I had a blast, The kids had a blast. Always a great time dancing with friends, seeing friends in costumes and generally Purim Silliness.

My youngest woke up Monday morning asking if “Today was still Purim”. No… like a wave crashing on the shore it’s gone. But I see Pesach on the Horizon!



  1. Sounds like an amazing Purim and what a fantastic costume. I am glad that you were able to be healthy enough to enjoy this wonderful time of year and I wish you and your family health and happiness every day (not just on Purim)!

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