Posted by: gruvenreuven | May 22, 2011

A Jewish Thing 2

I had to chuckle reading The Amazing Spider-man #661 (On sale at your Local Comic Shop 18-May-2011). As suspected in a previous blog post of mine, Ben Grimm (Aka The Thing) is in fact Jewish. Reading the below panel, it is sad to see that The Thing got kicked out of Hebrew School.

Not to sound like a commercial, but I think The Thing would have had better luck if his parents sent him to a Chabad Hebrew School. Chabad is open to all branches and levels of Judaism. Their Hebrew School is top notch. Growing up, my Hebrew school was more or less a Bar Mitzvah mill. We got very little outside of learning to read Hebrew like a parrot. We didn’t know what we were reading, we only knew how to read. I hated it. My Kids, who go to our Chabad Hebrew school really love it. I don’t think they ever pleaded with me not to go (As I did when I was a kid). Yes, At Chabad you learn to read Hebrew through their excellent Aleph Champs system, but the kids get exposure to all “Things” Jewish. Torah, Holidays, History, Jewish Life, Cooking & Chassidic Stories (Just to name a few). Chabad Hebrew Schools make being Jewish seem cool & relevant in Today’s day and age.

I also laughed when I saw the blew panel. Rabbi Leibowitz helped me learn my Bar-mitzvah Haftorah. Apparently I never gave him the trouble that The Thing did 🙂

Of course this is only my personal experience attending Hebrew School in the 1970’s… Your mileage my vary (as they Say)


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