Posted by: gruvenreuven | May 23, 2011

A Jewish Moon Knight

I guess you can call this another installment of Gruven Reuven’s look at Jews in Comics. This time I’ve come across Marvel’s Moon Knight #1, which hit your local comic book stores the week of 4-May-2011.

The Story is about Marc Spector (aka Moon Knight) a Television producer who is recruited by members of the Avengers to set up a crime fighting outpost on the West coast. The below panel is taken from a “opening” party for Marc’s new Television show.

What immediately struck me when I first saw this panel was the guy in a Kippah!! Were they serving Kosher wine at this affair? I don’t know… Maybe… The Moon Knight is Jewish! Apparently Marc Spector, is one of the most overtly religious super-heroes in the Marvel Universe.

When Marc Spector was first created, he was not envisioned as a Jewish character. Later writers thought his name “sounded Jewish,” and subsequently introduced a Jewish childhood for the character. In the 1984 series Moon Knight #37, the book provides details about Marc Spector’s Jewish religious background. Marc Spector’s father was a Jewish rabbi, but unfortunately Marc does not practice his Judaism. As an adult, Marc Spector is not known to have been an observant Jew in any meaningful religious sense. He is a convert to a unique form of ancient Egyptian classical religion centering on the moon god Khonshu. (Hence his moniker) Another example of a nice Jewish Boy gone meshuggah by avodah zorah.

Also of note is the writer/creator for this 2011 Moon Knight series: Brian Michael Bendis. Mr. Bendis was born in Cleveland to a Jewish American family. Despite rebelling against a religious upbringing, he attended a Torah Day School in his youth. This may explain the Jewish Cameos that pop up from time to time in his books. Be it Spiderman’s occasional use of Yiddish or the Scene above, Brian Michael Bendis has a way of sneaking a little yiddishkite into his comics that always give me a chuckle.

Moon Knight #1 –
Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Artist: Alex Maleev
Colorist: Matthew Wilson
Letterer: Cory Petit


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