Posted by: gruvenreuven | December 2, 2011

Shabbat Shalom

There are times as an Orthodox Jew that you have to sit something out as it falls on Shabbos; A concert, a reunion, or even a convention. Even though you love, appreciate and even thank Hashem for Shabbos, Missing out on things sometimes can be a bit of a “bummer”.

Then there is the flip side. That Hellacious week at work… Pulling double shifts and all nighters…. Work that just never stops, and work that will certainly be there Sunday as the forecast for next week is much of the same.

It is then when one truly thanks Hashem for giving us Shabbos. 25hours where all my work is done… 25hours where I can daven unrushed… 25hours where I can catch up on sleep and spend time with family. 25hours of simply being one with Shabbos and Hashem.

But how can my work really be done when next week looks like it’s more of the same? My milestones/deadlines are still are not been met, all open tasks do not have a check next time them. There is still much to think about, tasks that are outstanding, tasks that still are on my critical path. But my work IS done. The work that Hashem has allocated for me to do this week is done. Yes there is more to do next week, but this week is DONE. With that realization, I can take pride that my work is done and go into Shabbos with a clean to-do list, getting some well deserved rest.

On weeks like this week, that Friday night concert or that Saturday convention, that’s not going to give me the reset I need to go into a very busy next week. It’s not going to recharge my batteries. It’s not going to set me up to tackle the upcoming week with full gusto. That’s because you never truly unplug. And that’s what’s so special about Shabbos. It’s a time to truly unplug.

B.H.I.S!!! (Baruch Hashem Its Shabbos!!!) Now to finish a few things up before Shabbos…. Good Shabbos, Good Shabbos


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