Posted by: gruvenreuven | May 24, 2012

DrawSomething Real

ImageDrawSomething is the latest iOS/Android addictive game. Like the game Pictionary, you are presented with 3 words and must draw one of them. Your opponent must guess what you drew. It gets tricky especially if you are using a smartphone as your drawing device. My fat fingers coupled with the small screen real estate leads to some challenging efforts. It’s fun as it gives you a window as to how your friends “think”.


The cool thing about DrawSomething is after your friend sends you their drawing, you watch it being drawn in real time on your device. It doesn’t just show you the completed picture. You get to watch the drawing being drawn in progress. (Mistakes and erases and all.)


The word that my Friend got to draw was “Rocket”. Rocket is one of the easier words. The game presents you with three levels of words; Easy, Medium & Hard. You earn 1, 2 or 3 points respectively for guessing the word.


Now for rocket, I would draw an Apollo type rocket either taking off or flying through space.


My friend started off by drawing what looked like a town with houses and buildings. She then drew a little Israeli flag.  At this point I couldn’t really guess what she was drawing as it was a 6 letter word, so it wasn’t town or city. Next she drew in coming red streaked lines, followed by what looked like an explosion on the ground.


My dear friend lives in the town of Ashdod Israel. This is daily life for her……


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